Hi! We are Dots Publications! 

As writers and creative professionals ourselves we realised how confusing and frustrating publishing your book and telling your story can be; so! we created Dots Publications!

We are a selective publishing house but we want to make sure you are heard and you can reach us easily on our website www.dotspublications.com or through submittable!

Additionally, you can keep in touch with us on instagram @dots.publications

Please submit pdf or word file including 10 pages of your manuscript; you can use one additional page (maximum total 11 pages) to tell us your idea and themes and your audience. 

Please ensure the work is yours (plagiarism will result in disqualification) 

Our preferred format for evaluation is Times New Roman, size 12, spacing 1.15 

You can add additional pages  for illustrations or pictures


Dots is back with its annual poetry collection — LAMP Anthology Volume 2. We are inviting poets to submit their best works to us because not only are we offering a platform for poems to get published but we are also offering poets the golden opportunity of earning a book contract.

Who We Are

Dots Publications is a Melbourne-based publishing house, currently working on launching two of its new releases. Learn more about us: www.dotspublications.com

What We Are Looking For

With LAMP Anthology Volumes, we seek to quench the thirst of poetry lovers of all sorts, which is why we limit our poets with no boundaries. The poems could be on any theme, of any length and of any type. We celebrate the diversity our rule of no rules brings.

The poet whose work will be deemed as the most loved poem from among the thousands will be given the title of LAMP Most Promising Poet 2021. The winner of this title receives a book contract with Dots Publications and gets the wonderful opportunity of having their poetry collection published.

Instructions to Submit

We receive thousands of beautiful submissions for LAMP,  to make our review and compiling process a little easier on our editors, we would love it if your poems are in our standard format for editing! Please click here to read our instructions and sample submission

-You can submit poems that you have submitted elsewhere or have been previously published elsewhere but please mention that it has been submitted elsewhere and that you have the rights to have it republished with us - We prefer you send a maximum of 5 poems and minimum of 1 - We don't follow a particular theme for the poems in LAMP, click here to check out the first few pages of LAMP Anthology Volume 1

Eagerly waiting to read your submissions!

- Dots Publications Team

Dots Publications